SuSE zypper常见操作 添加删除repo源

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# zypper --help
	zypper [--global-options] <command> [--command-options] [arguments]
	zypper <subcommand> [--command-options] [arguments]

  Global Options:
	--help, -h		Help.
	--version, -V		Output the version number.
	--promptids		Output a list of zypper's user prompts.
	--config, -c <file>	Use specified config file instead of the default.
	--userdata <string>	User defined transaction id used in history and plugins.
	--quiet, -q		Suppress normal output, print only error
	--verbose, -v		Increase verbosity.
	--[no-]color		Whether to use colors in output if tty supports it.
	--no-abbrev, -A		Do not abbreviate text in tables.
	--table-style, -s	Table style (integer).
	--non-interactive, -n	Do not ask anything, use default answers
				Do not treat patches as interactive, which have
				the rebootSuggested-flag set.
	--xmlout, -x		Switch to XML output.
	--ignore-unknown, -i	Ignore unknown packages.

	--reposd-dir, -D <dir>	Use alternative repository definition file
	--cache-dir, -C <dir>	Use alternative directory for all caches.
	--raw-cache-dir <dir>	Use alternative raw meta-data cache directory.
	--solv-cache-dir <dir>	Use alternative solv file cache directory.
	--pkg-cache-dir <dir>	Use alternative package cache directory.

     Repository Options:
	--no-gpg-checks		Ignore GPG check failures and continue.
	--gpg-auto-import-keys	Automatically trust and import new repository
				signing keys.
	--plus-repo, -p <URI>	Use an additional repository.
	--plus-content <tag>	Additionally use disabled repositories providing a specific keyword.
				Try '--plus-content debug' to enable repos indicating to provide debug packages.
	--disable-repositories	Do not read meta-data from repositories.
	--no-refresh		Do not refresh the repositories.
	--no-cd			Ignore CD/DVD repositories.
	--no-remote		Ignore remote repositories.
	--releasever		Set the value of $releasever in all .repo files (default: distribution version)

     Target Options:
	--root, -R <dir>	Operate on a different root directory.
				Do not read installed packages.

	help, ?			Print help.
	shell, sh		Accept multiple commands at once.

     Repository Management:
	repos, lr		List all defined repositories.
	addrepo, ar		Add a new repository.
	removerepo, rr		Remove specified repository.
	renamerepo, nr		Rename specified repository.
	modifyrepo, mr		Modify specified repository.
	refresh, ref		Refresh all repositories.
	clean			Clean local caches.

     Service Management:
	services, ls		List all defined services.
	addservice, as		Add a new service.
	modifyservice, ms	Modify specified service.
	removeservice, rs	Remove specified service.
	refresh-services, refs	Refresh all services.

     Software Management:
	install, in		Install packages.
	remove, rm		Remove packages.
	verify, ve		Verify integrity of package dependencies.
	source-install, si	Install source packages and their build
	install-new-recommends, inr
				Install newly added packages recommended
				by installed packages.

     Update Management:
	update, up		Update installed packages with newer versions.
	list-updates, lu	List available updates.
	patch			Install needed patches.
	list-patches, lp	List needed patches.
	dist-upgrade, dup	Perform a distribution upgrade.
	patch-check, pchk	Check for patches.

	search, se		Search for packages matching a pattern.
	info, if		Show full information for specified packages.
	patch-info		Show full information for specified patches.
	pattern-info		Show full information for specified patterns.
	product-info		Show full information for specified products.
	patches, pch		List all available patches.
	packages, pa		List all available packages.
	patterns, pt		List all available patterns.
	products, pd		List all available products.
	what-provides, wp	List packages providing specified capability.

     Package Locks:
	addlock, al		Add a package lock.
	removelock, rl		Remove a package lock.
	locks, ll		List current package locks.
	cleanlocks, cl		Remove unused locks.

     Other Commands:
	versioncmp, vcmp	Compare two version strings.
	targetos, tos		Print the target operating system ID string.
	licenses		Print report about licenses and EULAs of
				installed packages.
	download		Download rpms specified on the commandline to a local directory.
	source-download		Download source rpms for all installed packages
				to a local directory.

	subcommand		Lists available subcommands.


1. 删除源
zypper rr repo_name
2. 添加源
# 源主机添加vsftpd服务
rpm -ivh vsftpd-***.rpm
vim /etc/vsftpd.conf
# 添加配置
service vsftpd restart
# 挂载ios镜像到/mnt
mount suse12sp02.iso /mnt
# 主机添加repo
zypper ar ftp:/// ftp_repo
zypper ar -f ftp_repo
# 添加本地repo
zypper ar file:///mnt/ local_repo
3. 显示源
zypper lr
4. 下载包
zypper download pkg_name


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